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We will meet with you in person to discuss your needs free of charge and will be a phone call or e-mail away throughout the process.  Our work encompasses projects from the simplest to the most extravagant, and regardless of the size of your project we will keep working until you are fully satisfied!

Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry:
We can create custom kitchen cabinetry in either European (frameless) or Framed (both overlay and flush inset) construction.  This cabinetry can further be built in any style, from traditional to modern.  We work with our clients directly to create a design and layout that best accommodates their needs and vision.  The design process begins with a simple consultation intended to articulate your general vision for the kitchen, including different materials, styles, etc.  We then begin working on our end to build our preliminary designs using both hand drawn sketches and 3D renderings.  These preliminary designs are then refined with the customer’s feedback until the final version is perfected for manufacture.
Kitchen Cabinet Installation:
On occasion we have also provided installation services for the clients that choose a mass-produced kitchen product but want a skilled installer to complete the most critical portion of the process.  Our fee for this service typically starts at $2,000 and we will only take on the job if we have control of the initial design upfront: for example, if the customer decides to purchase cabinetry from a large retailer we need to see their designs and layout to make sure everything will fit properly before the product is ordered.  This way we can be confident that our installation will go through without any problems and the right size cabinets are ordered.

Custom Built-in Cabinetry

Built-in cabinetry covers many categories of cabinetry, from home-office filing cabinets to display woodwork.  Each category involves its own elements and options, such as file orientation and locking mechanisms for office cabinetry, but the most important aspect is always the design that we develop for the work.  Our portfolio of built-ins can give you a better idea of the product range we can build.

Custom Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers are almost always built using European frame-less construction and like other types of cabinetry, there is a variety of materials we can use from melamine interior and natural wood doors to all natural wood construction.  The most important elements however are the AV requirements and the unit design.  We work with the AV specialists or directly with the customer to determine the requirements of all components, from speaker layout requirements and ventilation needs to wiring placement.  We also work directly with the customer to determine the designs that we eventually build to.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing can be done for any cabinetry throughout the home and offers incredible value to the customer, typically involving the replacement of all doors, drawer fronts, and hardware.  Furthermore, the face-frame (exposed face of the cabinetry around the doors and drawer fronts) is refinished using laminate (plastic layer that resembles wood) or natural wood veneer.  There is incredible variety in the approach we have taken for refacing over the years due to the differences in construction, age, and condition we come across.
Using all Natural Wood:
This option provides the most stunning improvement when it comes to refacing because everything we apply to the kitchen is stained and lacquered and no plastic components are used.  We will use natural wood for the doors and drawer fronts and use ¼” plywood or natural wood veneer for all cabinet sides and face-frame.  The higher cost comes at a premium finished effect – the end product truly looks like a brand new custom kitchen!  Click here to see a perfect example of this scenario.
Combination of Natural Wood and Laminate:
For most customers this is the perfect balance between cost and effect.  We use real wood for the most prominent portions of the kitchen, including doors, drawer fronts, and any decorative effects, but use laminate material that matches the wood species we selected for all cabinet sides and face-frame.  Since we only have to stain and/or lacquer the natural wood components, you are still saving a significant amount of money from the All Wood scenario.  This small bathroom cabinet shows the final product perfectly, refaced using Cherry laminate for the face-frame and sides and using natural Cherry wood for the doors.
Using Only Laminate:
Using laminate (usually Formica brand) for the side panels and face-frame together with laminate doors and drawer fronts is typically the most affordable refacing option.  You are saving a lot of money here because we do not have to apply stain or lacquer to the doors, drawers, or veneer.  The laminate comes in ready form and resembles different varieties of wood, as well as standard colors.  Click here to see some samples of laminate selection.
Do It Yourself Cabinet Refacing:
We have been approached by many customers that want their cabinetry refinished but would like to do the work themselves to either save money or just for fun.  In this scenario, we will come to the customer’s home and help them decide what to do in terms of using laminate or wood, and we then order the proper sized doors, including all the hinges and hardware necessary.  We also procure all required laminate material and glue.  All of these materials are provided to the customer, who does all the actual installation.  We can basically provide you with the materials, whether it’s the doors, drawer boxes, or laminate, and you do the installation work.  Most laminate material can be cut using a trimmer or special scissors that typically cost around $50.

Custom Closet Cabinets

Like kitchen cabinets, closet cabinetry can be completed using a variety of styles and construction methods.  The most common approach is to use European frame-less construction for the closet cabinetry (the portions of the closet cabinetry that incorporate doors and/or drawers) or flush inset (framed cabinetry but the doors are actually inset into the frame) construction.  The latter is typically the most complex in nature and consequently most exquisite.  The alternative to this more refined but also more expensive product is to use melamine material for the cabinet boxes and natural wood for the doors and drawers.  In this scenario the boxes are constructed using melamine material, which essentially looks and acts like finished wood material and comes in different patterns, but you still get the natural wood doors and drawer fronts that are stained and lacquered to match the melamine material; at the end of the day you get a spectacular closet with all the bells and whistles at a significantly lower price point.  There are also many custom additions we can incorporate, such as natural cedar backing, that allow you to customize everything specifically to your tastes and vision.  Feel free to browse through our custom closet gallery for examples of our past custom closet work.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

We have built hundreds of custom vanity cabinets and each one is completely unique from the rest.  Needless to say, there is a lot of variety in materials and designs we can employ.  A lot of times customers come to us with pictures of what they like with a list of adjustments they would like to make and we manufacture to that vision; this is the best scenario for us because we immediately know what the customer envisions.  Other times we start from scratch and create different designs to help the customer visualize different options.  Regardless of the approach, we can build just about anything you can think of!

Custom Garage Cabinets

All Natural Wood Cabinet Boxes and Doors:
This is the most exclusive option for garage cabinetry and provides the most impressive results!  Options are limitless with this option and the design stage is most critical to ensure we build the cabinetry precisely to the customer’s vision.  See one of the more luxurious garage cabinetry build-outs here.
Melamine Cabinets With Aluminum Framed Glass Doors:
This option is for the customer seeking a more modern and sleek appearance to the garage cabinetry.  A number of choices are available for the glass used as well as the aluminum framing: we use Element Designs as the supplier for these doors.  The interior cabinetry is still built using melamine material in style approved by the customer.
Melamine Cabinets With Flat Melamine Doors:
This option is the most common for garage cabinetry and the most cost effective.  We use melamine with the color or grain of your choosing and build both the cabinet boxes and the doors using this material: the doors and drawer fronts are therefore flat material.  Melamine material offers a large variety of patterns and colors that allow us to create a stunning effect without the exorbitant cost.

Custom Furniture

We specialize in building custom dining tables and custom coffee tables.  We have also built just custom table tops for numerous customers that have purchased a base separately but wanted to specific type of top to be placed over it.

Custom Office Cabinets

Filing Cabinetry and Office Desks:
Whether you are looking for cabinetry in the home office or at a separate office location we can build to your needs!  Typically for custom office cabinetry we built the interior cabinet boxes using melamine material and the doors and drawer fronts using either natural wood or natural wood veneer over plywood.  The table tops are usually built using grade A1 plywood with solid wood built into the edges, stained and lacquered.  Everything from the most economical to extravagant can be accomplished while maintaining the stunning aesthetic and structural quality.
Reception Area Cabinetry:
Typically we build reception area cabinetry using laminate material because it offers greatest resistance to wear and tear and cleaning products, while still maintaining the aesthetic integrity.  For the reception area geared to make a strong impression of luxury we also build cabinetry using natural wood veneer, from the standard wood species to the exotic, and various applications of glass and solid natural wood.

Restaurant and Commercial Cabinetry

Counter Tops:
We can build and install any type of counter top, from Formica tops to natural wood counters, but the most common application we supply is the Formica laminate top.  This works best for medical offices, reception areas, and bathroom vanities.
Custom Cabinetry:
We have built everything from the simple white melamine cabinets for retail stores to the complex real wood applications and can take care of all cabinetry needs for a commercial space build-out, including the finish carpentry.  Earl’s Grub was a notable restaurant project for us from the past year, pictures of which can be seen here.

Decorative Custom Woodwork

This is always the work we have the most fun with!  From custom crown mouldings, fireplace mantels, and wood paneling to statue bases our custom decorative woodwork has ranged the full gamut.  See our woodwork gallery for photos of some of work from the past year.
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